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Coaching is personal, powerful and highly transformational.

With the right coach- who is the right fit for you, the possibilities are endless. 

Nothing changes if nothing changes!

You're here for a reason...

When you change...
The world around you changes!

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"Coaching with Audra Is a HELL YES! "

"I just signed on for my third consecutive year of coaching with Audra because I love what she brings to my life. Audra has been my life support offering the tools, strategies and solutions for me to break through the challenges I face in business and life. She is insightful, dedicated and wise. My time with her is life changing."
~ Dottie Hagar

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To Work With Audra
"Want to go
Go alone.
Want to go farther...
 go Together"


Transformation comes from our willingness to see our greater truth and let go of what no longer serves us.


You’ll gain insight and personal power to break free of the beliefs, patterns and behaviors that have limited you to playing small.


Discover your HIGHer self and experience the true freedom of living an authentic life!

Be prepared to come face to face with what stops you from actively pursuing the life of your dreams. If we have worked together for 3+ months or longer, you're a perfect candidate for this experiential adventure.

I'll create an experience specifically tailored to helping you see, feel and release the ties that are binding you.

You'll have the opportunity to identify and truly let go the old parts of yourself that are no longer serving you.



"The fears
we don't
face Become
"It is not the mountain we conquer,
but ourselves"



Dive into an entire day of uninterrupted focus entirely on YOU.  A deep self-exploration journey that paves a trail of breadcrumbs to the insights holding you back from being your greatest self.


Discover your unclaimed baggage and unpack the weight you've been carrying on your shoulders. Step away from this experience lighter and more free.

"""Without Exaggeration...

In my very first session with Audra- my entire life changed!!!"


~ Brad Bizjack
(Brad Bizjack Fitness)

"Working with Audra has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my entire life. Before working with her as my coach my life revolved around scarcity, selfishness, worry and attachment. Ever since I started working with her my life has come together in ways I can't explain. I'm incredibly proud of the man I am becoming."

~ Brad Bizjack

"Audra erwin
has found her soul's purpose"
"The stars must have aligned for me to have found audra as my coach. I feel incredibly fortunate to work with Audra. She is helping me navigate my life's journey with so much more joy, positivity and meaning."
                                        ~ Claire Decou

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